Gym Training

This is like no other gym, we are with you every step of the way, its by appointment only and you are guided through workouts everytime you come to seasons.

Members can choose from one to two gym sessions per week, unlimited spin classes, cardio sessions and circuits to achive their goals

Its like having your own personal trainer without the costs.

We follow a system called NSF360 its a periodise approach that ensures you are contiuinly challenged all year round.

Its been designed by a highly respected and well-connected group of fitness professionals, with over 20 years leadership experience in the health and fitness sector. They have a proven track record of launching innovative, new fitness and well-being services collaboratively with many partners across both the private and public sectors and Seasons is very lucky to have them on board.

Our philosophy is based on one simple fact; Exercise programming needs to be based on sound research to provide you with real, measurable results.

Each of the training programs is structured for the individual or groups. Regardless of whether you're looking to lose weight or train for a marathon.

They are seasons oriented: and will be broken down into Winter Phase Training, Spring Phase Training, Summer Phase Training and Autumn Phase Training.

Benchmarking is very important to us, the consultaion and physical tests are designed to benchmark your current status

Pain-Free Training: Using Biomechanical techniques, our certified trainers will reduce or completely eliminate pains from your body so that you feel and perform at your best.

Constant Updates: Based on your daily training results, our trainers will help you stay on target to achieve your goals.

Re-Testing: We'll provide physical tests to measure your progress, tweak your program and ensure you're on track to achieve your goals.


Pilates Inspired Class

Performed on and around the Total body gym, and offering a challenging workout with plenty of variety.

Release and Relax

This new and cutting edge programme will allow your body to be put in a state of rest, using breathing techniques and simple mindfulness applications with exercises you will be giving your body a well and truly deserved break.

Core Circuit Classes

The Core Circuit Class is an intense, 45-minute circuit-based session using a range of different equipment.

Back Health Class

A cutting edge program that works on reducing painful joints. Includes a series of simple techniques that can treat and prevent injuries and pain it uses a program of simple exercises that have been designed by a world-leader in intrinsic biomechanics.

The exercises are tailored to each person’s injuries or ability to move. The maximum number of people is set to 6, again to give you close attention from highly qualified instructors. 

Indoor Cycling

Get a total cardio workout with indoor cycling, we offer instructor lead and video lead classes.

Ride and Glide

Perfectly integrated cardio-strength workout, utilizing two popular programs, indoor cycling and Total Gym GRAVITY training. Achieve maximum calorie burn and measurable improvement in this fun, efficient one-hour total body workout. This program is great for all levels of fitness.

This is a small group workout, to give you close attention from highly qualified instructors.

Lift Club

Not for fait hearted, dynamic warm ups, skill development all setting you up for some timed lifting circuits.

*One on One classes are available @ a cost of £25

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