The Team

The Team

Simon Cook - Managing Director

Simon Cook has been working within the health and fitness industry for the past decade. He has applied his wealth of experience and passion to human performance and efficient movement.

He set up two unique health clubs in london and worked there for over 10years, he is now putting his time and energy in to his new venture Seasons Health Club.

Simon Cook has been working within the health and fitness industry for over 2 decades. He currently works out of Suffolk and London.

He has been working hard to open his chain of Concept Clubs with the 1st being in a small market town in Suffolk. He has always worked alongside various dynamic and inspirational health therapists and consultants to enable him to keep developing the standard of his training.

He has passion for getting things right and applying his wealth of experience to helping people achieve optimum wellness. He has travelled the world teaching and hosting training workshops, affording him the opportunity to continually develop his knowledge.

In his latest journey he has become one of the first stress resilience coaches in the UK, backed by a world-leading clinical team in London

His thirst for knowledge and self-improvement is relentless, gaining him a reputation as one of the most under the radar trainers of his time.

Simon is trained in intrinsic biomechanics and will be able to perform a full- body biomechanical screen, establishing any areas of mechanical weakness in an individual.

As a fully trained coach and therapist he can screen the shoulders, spine, pelvis, knees, ankles, nerves and muscles to see if they are functioning correctly; if these are not working to capacity, then a he will be able to determine whether that is due to genetic issues or something that is developing due to poor technique, posture problems, inadequate rehabilitation or ergonomic set-up.

Once this has been established, he will be able to prescribe an exercise therapy programme to help eradicate the problems identified and you the client will usually return to be periodically re-tested.

This enables progress to be evaluated and the programme modified accordingly. Biomechanics can also help with injury prevention

Simon has always believed there are huge voids in the health and fitness methodology. Every month there is at least one new fashionable trend being seen as the next best thing for health; but very few have creditable science or research to back it up. The current trend is Mindfulness.

Without individual objective data it is so difficult to suggest best methods. To be able to help manage peoples stress resilience and recovery, Simon believes this is the huge turning point within the health and fitness market.

He has now begun to truly understand the links between stress and optimal health, leading eventually to disease. In his consultations he covers the physiology of the acute and more importantly the chronic stress response, the role of the autonomic nervous system and hormonal system in stress; which will, if not in sequence, will lead to disease

For the first time ever he will objectively measure physiological stress and the body’s resilience to it. This enables him to provide simple and the most effective personalised lifestyle coaching for improved resilience for the individual.

He aims to simplify the confusion - is stress causing me: to get sick, gain weight, have poor sleep, have poor digestion, continuously feel tired, have mood swings.

Alex Luckett - Seasons health Coach

Alex attended City College Norwich, here he studied Level 3 Uniformed Public Services, after his two years there he then went on to Buckinghamshire New University in High Wycombe to study Sport Science and Coaching, during this time he was part of the boxing team which he attended twice a week.

Alex has completed Level 2 in Fitness Instructing here at Seasons Health Club, where he has been since September 2012.

Alex will now go on to Level 3 in Fitness Instructing and attain many more qualifications in all sorts of different fitness related courses.

Alex enjoys more of a strength and conditioning training style, using body weight as well as traditional methods, and uses metabolic workouts to complement his over all conditioning.

Having already established a personal training clients base locally, Alex wants to do more outside work with groups of people. Alex is driven in his need for a greater understanding of strength and conditioning, and its impact on our bodies.

Alex Cunningham - Seasons health Coach

My journey into a career within the health and fitness industry lays on a vastly different life path to my lifestyle as a child and my early teens when processed food, copious volumes of cola, sweets and Xbox took its toll in turning me into a overweight, unfit, miserable teenager...

What changed? A friend of mine persuaded me to join him training at a local boxing gym and the boxing environment taught me ...

discipline and I started to get the physical benefits, like energy,stamina and body shape.

After three years at Lowestoft Amateur Boxing Club and two amateur fights I had the desire and opportunity to do what my friend did for others a new life path, one that allows me to teach and demonstrate the physical and mental benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

I provide one-to-one or small-group coaching to suit my clients needs and abilities which can be gym based at Seasons Health & Fitness, Customer Home Based; or Open Air at Beccles Quay.

There is no barrier to improving your personal health and with an affordable investment you'll secure my support, guidance and assisted motivation in guiding you to get into the best shape of your life.

Amber Hannant - Seasons health Coach

I discovered personal health and fitness back in 2011. After leaving school I spent my first year studying at Norwich City College to follow a career in working with children and young people.

During the following summer I was involved in a road traffic accident where I suffered many injuries that not only affected me physically but psychologically also.

After using a wheelchair for 2 months to mend my fractured pelvis I was beyond ready to gain my strength and independence back…

This is where my passion for fitness began and... when I met Simon and the team and changed my career path. I soon became a qualified Level 2 Fitness Instructor. During my training I applied the intrinsic biomechanical techniques I had learnt to identify my mechanical weaknesses and used them to self-rehabilitate.

I grew to love the specifics of strength and conditioning training and thrive off the continuous personal progression and competition. This lead me to become a junior powerlifter in-training and I am now regularly competing in divisional and national competitions.

I will continue my personal progression and I am currently part way through my Level 3 Personal Training qualification. I want to inspire clients and be a person of support to them in all areas of their health and fitness both at the health club and in my personal work.

Jordan Rodwell - Seasons health Coach

Since a young age I have always had a passion for sport, health and fitness. After playing football for a number of years at a number of different levels, along with various other sports throughout school and via local sports teams, I soon realised that I wanted to be involved in the Sports and Fitness industry.

After suffering a serious knee injury in my teenage years it led me to become even more interested in the industry while going through my rehab programme for my knee and I took a special interest in this which I still have to this day. I enjoy working and training people who have had knee problems and operations to try and give them the best possible outcome for their future.

This then spurred me on to do my A levels and especially the one in PE. It has given me a very good base of knowledge that still helps me now. Since I have been at Seasons Health Club I have completed my Level 2 Fitness Instructor course, I have completed my Level 3 Personal Trainer course and I am a fully qualified Spinning Instructor. I am driven to give people a better understanding of why they choose a healthy lifestyle rather than doing nothing with themselves and to stop people from becoming too unhealthy.

I can offer a one-to-one personal training service or can train small groups of people at a time, I aspire to reach clients goals and targets and to make them feel better within themselves both physically and mentally. Training in a gym should not be a chore to people it should be enjoyable and manageable within peoples' day to day lives, we can work around certain barriers that you may have to become the best that you can be and achieve what you want to achieve.

Jake Yeowell - Seasons health Coach

Jake graduated from the University of Hertfordshire in 2014 with a degree in Sports Therapy. Jake possesses a vast array of skills – including injury assessment, deep tissue massage, manual therapy and rehabilitation and prides himself on his knowledge and professionalism. He has been fortunate to have experience working in professional and amateur sport.

Between 2012-2013, he spent 9 months working in Australia with the Brumbies Super Rugby team as a Physiotherapist Intern and further experience shadowing the Saracens Rugby medical staff along with working at local football and rugby clubs – providing sports strapping and pitch side first aid. Additionally, he has experience working in a Physiotherapy clinic as a Physiotherapy Assistant which has enhanced his understanding of occupational rehabilitation.

Jake is a fully qualified REP’s Level 3 Personal Trainer which has given him experience working in the health & fitness industry. His passion for the industry is evident from his ability to provide top-class exercise and healthy lifestyle assistance alongside a recently developed interest in nutritional guidance. Jake has his own Instagram page [jjsportstherapy9] and YouTube channel [JJ Sportstherapy9] which provide information on exercise technique & prescription, rehabilitation & mobility exercises, and, healthy food recipes.

As a keen sportsman throughout his life, Jakes’ main passion lies with sports injury rehabilitation. He strives to offer effective treatment and exercise prescription to optimise quality of life and return patients to recreational and competitive sport/activity. Jake endeavours to assist patients to become stronger and healthier than they ever have been. He enjoys working with people on a one-on-one basis but also enjoys instructing and coaching groups of all sizes. To maximise the effectiveness of his services as a Sports Therapist – running his own private clinic at Seasons Health Club, he integrates his exceptional anatomical knowledge and understanding to produce personalised treatment and rehabilitation regimes for anyone. As a hardworking and highly driven individual, Jake provides a standard of care second to none and will do the utmost to get patients up to and beyond where they want to be with their fitness, sporting goals or quality of life. As a sociable, approachable and outgoing person he provides a friendly atmosphere with a passionate and hard working attitude.

Jake has recently started reading a Master’s Degree in Physiotherapy at the University of East Anglia, to develop his professional attributes further. The Physiotherapy qualification will allow him to expand his ability to manage occupational health problems and open himself up to referrals as a future member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists. He is available for injury assessment & deep tissue massage appointments on a part time basis, due to his ongoing studies. You can contact him by phone (07463728936), email ( or you can visit Seasons Health Club for further information.

Kendelle Jay - Seasons health Coach

Coming soon...!

Martin Haines - Biomechanical Consultant

Martin is one of the country’s foremost experts on biomechanical screening. He runs specialist training courses for sports coaches, golfing professionals, personal trainers, PT instructors and other health & fitness pro’s.

His training helps prevent injuries and optimise performance on the pitch, in the gym, on the track or training ground, even on the beat.

If Team GB’s athletes are less prone to injury in the London 2012 Olympics, if future Ryder Cup golfers eliminate the occasional slice, if Formula 1 race drivers are seated more ergonomically, if police in Yorkshire walk the beat freer from back pain, if footballers and rugby players sustain fewer injuries in the years ahead, then some credit should certainly go to Martin Haines DipRGRT MCSP SRP, Chartered Physiotherapist. Martin is one of the country’s foremost experts on biomechanical screening and he runs specialist training courses for sports coaches, golfing professionals, personal trainers, PT instructors and other health & fitness pro’s to help prevent injuries and optimise performance on the pitch, in the gym, on the track or training ground, even on the beat.

Although he now focuses on ‘training the trainers’ in the science of biomechanical screening, there were times, during his physiotherapy consultancy days, when Martin would recognise a celebrity client or two on virtually every edition of TV’s Question of Sport. He has worked with a dozen Olympic medallists, F1 motor racing drivers, European golf tour professionals, top soccer clubs, rugby union and league teams, NFL players, the occasional rock musician and movie star, even, whisper it quietly, royalty. Today, the courses he has developed are used and accredited by the likes of UK Athletics, England RFU, the PGA, Esporta Health Clubs, Norwich Union’s On Camp With Kelly, the Home Office and the exercise professionals register, REPs.

Previously he has worked with Olympic athletes like Steve Redgrave, Daley Thompson, Linford Christie, Roger Black,Derek Redmondand others, time and time again Martin discovered that shoulder and upper back problems, knee and calf niggles, and other recurring injuries related to inherent biomechanical issues like pelvic imbalance, irregular leg length and involuntary muscle spasms. Much the same was true when he worked with soccer players like Tony Adams, John Barnes, Dennis Wise, Craig Burley and a pre-umbrella Steve McClaren, who were sent to Martin’s clinic with recurring problems that normal physiotherapy treatment could not resolve.

Word spread and other clubs, players and their personal trainers beat a trainer-shod path to his door. Wigan RLFC, then arguably the world’s most successful club in any sport, had their players treated biomechanically before every Cup Final appearance; England RU personalities like Rob Andrew, Will Carling and Brian Moore were given treatment when necessary; even NFL club New Orleans Giants and Chicago Bulls sought his advice during aUStraining camp. F1 drivers Damon Hill, David Coulthard, Mika Hakkinen, their personal trainers and designers consulted him on the most ergonomic seat design for their individual physiques. He has also appeared as a sporting injuries pundit on programmes as diverse as Panorama and TalkSport.

Martin firmly believes that an understanding of an individual’s biomechanical make-up is critical, if professional coaches and fitness trainers are to prescribe safe and effective exercises, so this pyramid approach of training the trainers will help dramatically reduce the risk of injury recurrence and improve the functional performance of many sports stars. The results of this innovative work should be seen in the years to come.

Martin heads up our therapy and biomechanics department and works with Simon Cook to develop our staff training programmes.

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